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Restore from Backup

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Restore from Backup

Post by maxmatics » Tue 23. Jul 2019, 06:35


All my flashcards got deleted after I created a backup. I had 20 stacks and 485 flashcards. I am using Pro Version 2.6.

I am trying to restore my flashcards from the backup. How can I do that? The backup is there but I cannot find the way to restore the flashcards.

Thank you for your help! I love your app and I always recommend it to my friends!


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Re: Restore from Backup

Post by Edward » Sat 14. Sep 2019, 15:39

Dear Muneer,

sorry for my late reply.

To restore your backup you have to tap on the restore icon (it's the icon with the counterclockwise arrow. See the image below).


Best regards

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