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Transfer Cards Between Stacks

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Transfer Cards Between Stacks

Post by mwr » Fri 6. Apr 2018, 23:00

Is there any way to transfer a group of existing flash cards into another stack??
I'd like to have a master list stack and the individual stacks.

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Re: Transfer Cards Between Stacks

Post by Edward » Thu 12. Apr 2018, 00:06


Yes, you can copy or move flashcards in the following way:

Select your flashcards
First you have to long-press on one of the flashcards that you want to copy or move to another stack.
The flashcard should now be highlighted in yellow and a menu should appear at the top. You can add more flashcards to your selection by tapping them once (deselect them by tapping them again).

Choose to copy or move the selected flashcards
When you are done selecting flashcards you can press the copy-icon (if you want to copy the flashcards to another stack) or the cut-icon (if you want to move the flashcards to another stack).
The copy-icon is the one with the two documents laying on top of each other. The cut-icon is the one with the scissors.

Paste the flashcards into a stack
The only thing left to do now is to go to the stack in which you want to copy or move your selected flashcards.
In the stack you should be a blue paste-button at the bottom of the screen. Press that button to insert your previously selected flashards.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.

Best regards

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