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Version 2.3.9

Posted: Sun 29. Jan 2017, 10:53
by Edward

A new Update has just been released. Version 2.3.9 now lets you use all languages that are available on your phone or tablet for speech output.

Before there were only some predefined languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian) to choose from.
So if you had for example some french vocabulary, it had been no problem to activate french for speech output.

But for other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian and so on this was not possible until now.

To activate speech output you have to go to settings (tap the icon at the top left corner in the app and then on settings) and then check the checkbox near speech output.
After that you can tap the gear-icon next to a flashcard-stack to enter the flashcard-stack-settings, where you can choose the language for question and answer separately.

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The Flashcards App 2.3.9 can be downloaded at Google Play.

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