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Quick edit and keep track of results (suggestion)

Posted: Sun 16. Dec 2018, 19:06
by xwzz
Hey, great app. Just bought it. It's fast, clean and functional.

You know what could make it even better? Be able to quick edit the cards while on "play" mode. And also have a track of the test results, to check our evolution.

Be able to display the pictures full screen could be a plus too.

Otherwise, I'm using it daily and it has been really useful. I especially like being able to download stacks and personalize them.


Re: Quick edit and keep track of results (suggestion)

Posted: Mon 17. Dec 2018, 01:50
by xwzz
One more thing, if I may.

Just checked that the app can read the flashcards with Android's voices, which is an great feature.

If we could have the app "show the answer" with some hardware button (maybe the phone's play/pause button) we could use the app with the screen off, like when walking to work.

If this is possible, maybe the same button could be used to choose if we got a correct or an incorrect answer (one or two taps, or something).

I tried using one of these cheap and small Bluetooth gamepads to check, just in case. But it did not work.

Anyway, thanks again for a great app!

Re: Quick edit and keep track of results (suggestion)

Posted: Sun 23. Jun 2019, 12:14
by Edward
Thank you very much for your ideas.
I will think about how some of these could be integrated in a future update.

Best regards