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Post by Edward » Thu 15. Mar 2018, 19:34

The update to version is now online.

The Flashcards-Transfer (transfering your flashcards from one device to another) has been completly revised and improved with this version.
In earlier versions there was sometimes a delay or you had to press the send-button again. There were also some rare cases where an error message appeared.

With the new version there should be only a very short delay.
You press send, the flashcards are temporarily transfered to the flashcards app server and immediately after that the other device should receive the info that transfered flashcards are available for download.
After downloading or else after 24 hours the temporarily stored flashcards will be removed from the server.

Please note: The receiving device has to allow notifications for the app. The device won't receive the notification that transfered flashcards are ready for download if notifications are blocked.
Update on 25.03.2018: This has been fixed with version 2.4.9. You no longer have to allow notifications for the flashcard transfer to work.

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