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percentages and creating sub-groups for study

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percentages and creating sub-groups for study

Post by lawalls » Sun 6. Oct 2019, 17:15

The app could be improved by keeping track of the questions that are missed and then creating a sub-group of missed questions or practice test based on just those questions.

Also just keeping track of the times each question is answered correctly as a percentage would be helpful to the users by letting them know which questions to study.

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Re: percentages and creating sub-groups for study

Post by Edward » Wed 9. Oct 2019, 23:02


thank you, I think that's a good idea.

The next update which will be released in a few days will feature an improved backup function and the possibility to create cloud-backups.
But I'm already working on the next update which will improve on how to share flashcards. Maybe I can also include your idea in this update as well.

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