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If the flashcards-transfer doesn't work

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If the flashcards-transfer doesn't work

Post by Edward » Sat 23. Sep 2017, 09:38

Hello dear Flashcards App users.

First let me explain ...

How to transfer flashcards with the Flashcards App
  1. Open the Flashcards App on both devices (the transmitter and the receiver).
  2. Tap on the icon in the top left corner (the one with the three horizontal bars) to open the menu on the left. Do this on both devices.
  3. Now tap on the menu item Flashcards-Transfer (again on both devices).
  4. On the transmitter enter the five-character keycode which you will find in the top right corner on the receiver (just below the text: Your keycode) and then tap on Send.
  5. You should now receive a notification on the receiver. Please open it.
  6. You will now be asked if you want to take a look at the flashcards that have been sent to you. Tap on Yes.
  7. You should now see the flashcards from the transmitter. Tap on the checkmark in the top right corner to import the stacks and flashcards.

If the flashcards transfer does not work

Please try the following:

1. Allow notifications for the app (deprecated since version 2.4.9)

Note: The following only applies for version and below. Starting from 2.4.9 you no longer have to allow notifications for the flashcards transfer to work.

The app cannot be informed about transfered flashcards if notifications are blocked. To allow notifications you have to switch to the app info screen.
Where you will find this screen depends on your Android version and can differ from device to device. It could also be named something else than app info.
  1. Try to press and hold on the Flashcards App icon and look for something called app info. It could for example look like on this screen here or on this screen here.
  2. After you opened the app infos you should then see a screen like this.
  3. If you scroll a bit down you should see the menu item Notifications. Just like on this screen here.
  4. Now tap on Notifications. The following screen should now look like this screen.
  5. No tap on the switch-icon on the right side to allow permissions. The flashcards-transfer should work now.

2. Install the latest Flashcards App version on both devices

To successfully send and receive flashcards, both devices have to be the same version. Please update the Flashcards App on both devices.
If this still doesn't work, please try the following:

3. Renew the keycode

Switch to the Flashcards-Transfer-Screen and tap on the keycode in the top right corner to renew the keycode (if nothing happens tap on it again).
Please do this on both devices. After that try to send again (using the new keycode now of course).

4. Permissions

If all of the above does not work for you, it could be that you haven't permitted the app to write to the storage of the device.
To do this you have to switch to the app info screen. Have a look at 1. Allow notifications for the app on how to access the app info screen.
If you switched to the app info screen you should see something like this. Tap on permissions. The screen should now look like this. Now tap the switch-icon on the right side of Storage to activate it (if it isn't already).

5. Other possibilities

It might be a virus scanner or something like that, which blocks the Flashcards App. Also try to send via Wifi and check if both devices have enough free storage.

Please tell me if something of the above has worked for you.

Best regards

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