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How to shuffle the Flashcards

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How to shuffle the Flashcards

Post by Edward » Sun 25. Feb 2018, 09:10

To shuffle the flashcards:
  1. Go to settings (tap on the icon with the three horizontal bars at the top left corner to open the left side menu and then tap on Settings).
  2. There you will find an option which says Random order of flashcards. Tap on this to activate it.
  3. Then tap on the checkmark-icon in the top right corner to save.
From now on when you study a folder or stack the flashcards will appear in a random order.

The other option Random order of answers only affects your multiple choice flashcards.
It means that the possible answers which you created for your multiple choice flashcard will also appear in a random order.

If you start to study a folder or stack while the option Just browse flashcards is active, the flashcards will be fully visible (question and answer) and you can browse through them like a book.

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